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Formuls is the algo-synth audiovisual performance environment created by James Dooley (1984). A digital artist and creative coder based in Birmingham, UK, James’ performance and installation works focus on creating a sense of place—a meta-environment—and have been exhibited internationally at festivals including: Electric Nights (GR) Slingshot (USA), Vuotociclo (ITA), Streaming Festival (online). Influenced by complexity science, his work examines the interaction between simple elements acting autonomously and coalescing to produce emergent forms.

Recent and current projects include: the release of debut EPs entryiseasierthantheexit_entry and entryiseasierthantheexit_exit under formuls; and esthesis, an interactive performance environment where hand gestures sculpt sonficiations and visualisations (AHRC funded Transforming Transformation commission). James’ work is supported by Integra Lab, where he is currently artist in residence.

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