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Performance Date

PERFORMANCE II, Thursday, 29 September 21:00

Performing with:




Performance II: £5

One-for-All Ticket: £20

Born and educated in Rome, Francesco moved to the UK to complete a course of academic studies in music, first as an undergraduate at Edinburgh University and then as a postgraduate at Huddersfield University. Having taught music full-time for many years, first at East Berkshire College and then at North East Scotland College, as well as being a strings tutor in schools in Leeds and lately setting up his own tuition business, Francesco has been active in the improvisation scene in Yorkshire and then in London before moving to Aberdeen where he continued his interest in contemporary music performance, analysis, and composition.
His music has been published by Xylem Records and he has recently been selected for Edinburgh’s RSA Open Exhibition; he has cooperated with other artists in Aberdeen, producing soundscapes for an Art Centre Theatre gallery exhibition and co-performing at Sound Festival’s Sound Sessions. His interests include drone music and the experimental music of Morton Feldman, as well as graphic notation and ensemble improvisation; he is currently planning a collaboration with an Edinburgh-based visual artist and investigating new ideas around his own development as a composer/sound artist, while also continuing to develop his own instrumental teaching practice.

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