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Performance Date

PERFORMANCE I, Thursday, 29 September 19:00

Performing with:



Alice KEMP

Performance I: £5

One-for-All Ticket: £20

Frédéric MATHEVET is defined as visual and sound artist. There is artist researcher associate at the institute ACTE (UMR 8218) at Paris I (CNRS). Phd of Arts, he is co-editor of the online magazine L’Autre musique. He has published two books of visual arts, the second issue is devoted to the particular case of music and has participated in numerous exhibitions in Paris, Montreuil, Toulouse, London (Morley Gallery), Athens, Leeds (International festival for artistic innovation).

It gave several audio and visual multimedia performances which Faire la peau 2 for bodhràn (Nice, Paris, Noisiel) Rec-u-Aime for a cello, a mezzo-soprano and a knitter (La ferme du Buisson, Le Chateau de plaisir), Once Upon A Time Fukushima for baritone saxophone (Petit Bain, Divan du monde, Khiasma), the Exorcist-Antiphon Dub for speaker, prepared piano and bass (Cité du Cinéma, Seine Saint-Denis), Forbiden Colors (Throught a body) for 3 X-ray vinyls Cube (Digital Creation Centre).

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