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Sunglow Sound is the official name given to the collaborative work from Bea Dawkins and Mark Dunsmore.  After having started as instrumental based composers, the duo soon moved to more experimental means of sound creation through acousmatic composition, generative processes, and most recently sensor based systems.

Originally from West Lothian, Bea Dawkins and Mark Dunsmore each independently developed a deep interest in instrumental music performance in their teens. The duo met for the first time just a few months before they were set to move to Aberdeen to commence their musical studies. 

After two years of undergraduate study, they stepped away from instrumental performance and specialised as composers, working largely collaboratively.  After several successful pieces including a council funded symphony in celebration of the River Don, and many instrumental scores and incidental music for small films, Mark and Bea started moving into a more experimental area of sound art and undertook a Masters in Sonic Arts in Aberdeen, which they have recently completed.  They will both be starting PhD study at the University of Aberdeen in January.


Website: Sunglow Sound

Performance Date

PERFORMANCE IV, Friday, 30 September 21:00

Performing with:



Peter BILL

Performance IV: £5

One-for-All Ticket: £20

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