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Sarmen Almond is a Mexican musician, singer and performer. After finishing composition and singing in Mexico City she traveled to Paris in 2007 to work under Linda Wise and Enrique Prado’s teaching, especially in choreographic theatre’s principles and in Roy Hart extended vocal techniques. She then moved to Belfast, UK where she finished her Master in Sonic Arts (Interdisciplinary Arts) at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen’s University Belfast.
Sarmen has performed and taught in Mexico City, Belfast (Crescent Arts Centre); France, Malerargues (Myth and theatre Festival), Seville Spain, Edinburgh, Prague, Manchester (Luminosity by Marina Abramovic & Mirror Check by Joan Jonas), Falmouth, Sheffield, The Hague, among others. Nowadays Sarmen is working closely with Jonathan Hart (New York) to prepare herself deeper on Roy Hart Voice Tradition. In Mexico City Sarmen is training on Reiki Therapy and Researching about Voice Technique and Breathing healing and Movement. Sarmen is currently working on Vice-Body-Voice (VBV) performance, that will be presented in Aberdeen, UK in September this year.


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PERFORMANCE VI, Saturday, 1 October 19:00

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Performance VI: £5

One-for-All Ticket: £20

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