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Shift-Enter is a live electronic music ensemble from Aberdeen, Scotland. Forming in 2015 as part of the University of Aberdeen’s May Festival, the group has since expanded to include Masters and PhD students from the University of Aberdeen’s Sonic Arts program and has performed at sonADA festival, Cumbernauld Theatre and Da Dee At (This will be the groups first performance including students from the 2016-2017 cohort). Embracing experimentation, Shift-Enter’s performance is a semi-improvised audio-visual exploration of live-coding and sound processing. Employing the text-based program language ‘Tidal’, sound is triggered and processed in real-time as the in-progress text-code is projected for all to see. With an ever-changing line-up of performers from diverse musical backgrounds, the group traverses between beat-based and more experimental musical forms while navigating the spectrum between sound and noise.



Performance Date

PERFORMANCE I, Thursday, 29 September 19:00

Performing with:



Alice KEMP

Performance I: £5

One-for-All Ticket: £20

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