sonADA 2016: Theme

The sonADA Festival is an experimental music, sonic arts and performance festival organised by sonADA (Sonic Arts Days in Aberdeen). The sonADA Festival aims to recognise and promote artists in all forms of sonic arts by providing a vibrant platform for local sonic artists to meet audiences and realise their ideas. SonADA also invites international and UK artists to Aberdeen to create an environment for collaboration and networking. Since its start in 2014, the sonADA Festival has animated the sonic arts scene in North East Scotland and beyond, building a strong presence of artists in the region and providing much needed support and vision for sonic arts and experimental music.

sonADA 2016 is sonADA’s third experimental music and sonic arts festival that showcases sound artists, performance artists, and experimental filmmakers whose work is centred on new and explorative approaches to sound. This year’s theme is Reverse-Play-Forward, which challenges both artists and audiences to think about how our time—the now—has been contextualised by the heritage of our past and the dreams and desires towards our future. We are inviting some twenty artists (six Featured Artists, eight artists from sonADA Selections, and eight sonADA Artists) in North East Scotland, the UK, and abroad to respond to this theme through their three-night performances.

With this festival, sonADA hopes to offer a platform for performing new work, a network of collaboration, and a continuous flow of dialogues about art practices that are interdisciplinary, experimental and non-conforming, to local and international creative practitioners, and professional and aspiring artists. The festival will also provide all participating artists with the opportunity to share their ideas/outcomes with the audience through performances and workshops that aim to initiate and cultivate dialogues between practitioners and audience, and help them recognise Aberdeen as a place for art and culture. Finally, not only will the festival offer the Aberdeen audience a new and engaging way to become acquainted with experimental sound and sonic arts, but it will also promote and build a new audience, targeting, in particular, young audiences.

We hope you enjoy all the performances!


Suk-Jun Kim

Artistic Director, sonADA