Lise Olsen
10 February 2018

Lise Olsen is a responsive artist researching and collecting stories by embracing uncertainty, in-between a sphere of space and the sonic. She recently graduated from the University of Dundee with a MFA Art, Society & Publics. Her practice involves recording, editing, and processing sound to create fragmented realities.


Programme Note – Brag and Blether

An ‘Ambisonic Sound Space’ using a full-sphere surround sound technique with a 6 speaker circular sound array. Using space to play fragmented conversation by controlling museum sound recordings and placing them into a new spatial arrangement. Allowing the sound work to build its own narrative and giving the listener’s subconscious an opportunity to find significance, in-between noise and the sounds of human speech. The creation of an ‘Ambisonic Sound Space’, has involved editing sound from my sound archive recorded at the McManus Museum. The inspiration for this work came from attending an In and Out of Space Symposium at the University of Aberdeen.