Paul Hynes
10 February 2018

Paul Hynes is a MMus Sonic Arts student at the University of Aberdeen. Focusing on electroacoustic compositions that are a hybrid of other genres, such as ambient and punk rock. Fruit Salad is the first of his electroacoustic compositions following the self-release of his first collection of acousmatic works, Mistake Mixtape, released independently on Bandcamp.


Programme note – Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad explores the potential of the original sound source, a large, ceramic fruit bowl being struck with a wooden spoon, for both its rhythmic and melodic qualities; to be as effective used in long textures and as short, attacking gestures. It attempts to hybridise electroacoustic music with punk and noise music, with distortions and feedback in a brash and fast-paced arrangement. The piece ends reflecting upon the human creation of the sound source, finding a voice present in the original gesture.