Tendency Towards
10 February 2018

Tendency Towards is a new artist-run initiative set up by six graduating students from Gray’s School of Art seeking to establish a more experimental voice within the creative community of Aberdeen. After discussions with other institutions within the city we identified a need for a grass-roots organisation that brings exciting and challenging emerging contemporary art to the city, as well as a space where artists based in the city can show works. Our mission is to support emerging artists at the early stage of their career, and also attract creative talent to the city, fostering connections within the city and helping to establish Aberdeen as a creative lab within Scotland. With our curated programme, we want to bring challenging work of true quality that can act as a catalyst for dialogue around issues in contemporary art practice and alongside this programme offer a space to local artists, designers, and curators to experiment with their projects in a public forum.


Programme Note – Committee

The project will seek to utilise the communication and management of the initiative as a generative process towards the creation of an installation that combines both visual and audio elements to create an installation. Utilising networked methods which the committee currently uses to organise, manage and operate the initiative, the project seeks to create an environment in which amassed data coalesces into a singular space. Drawing on the committee’s research into artist-run management structures,  as well as working within a context of limited access to space in which to operate a programme, the project offers an opportunity to materialise this research and thinking in a public forum. Bringing together concerns around work spaces, and the immaterial nature of working within cloud based file sharing services, Committee proposes to investigate how data shared and accumulated within online work spaces materialises. Discussions have been ongoing around an installation that utilises the furnishing of office spaces as a surface on which this data clings to, as well as creating a space that contains the narrative of the committee’s ongoing work into accessing unused space within the city. The work will act as a way to communicate the desire to become material and push beyond the immaterial and nomadic nature of the initiative at present.