10 February 2018

Live coding with TidalCycles

Friday, 23rd February, 12-3PM, The Anatomy Rooms

TidalCycles (or Tidal for short) is a language for exploring pattern, a bit like knitting patterns but for music. In a way it is a Luddite system, a stripping away of graphical user interfaces to reveal the underlying computer as a machine made entirely from patterns of language, and using those patterns to create music. Through this workshop we’ll be exploring the sonic complexities that can emerge from simple code, and in particular, patterns of repetition, symmetry and interference. The workshop will be accessible to people who have not coded before, being about live coding of music, and not software engineering. You will hopefully leave with in-depth insights into the nature of pattern, and how TidalCycles can allow you to work with code as material, in order to create music beyond your imagination.

Workshop Coordinator: Mark Dunsmore