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Dear audience members of Torry24,

We are very pleased to have you join us and be part of this exciting experiment which is Torry24! We start on Sunday 13th at 10am but over the following 24hours you are welcome to come (and come again!) as you please.

Feel free to bring along anything that will make you comfortable, perhaps a picnic blanket to sit on or a foldup chair, bring some food and drinks – maybe a wee flask of something or other won’t go amiss if it’s cold! Warm clothes and raincoats, sturdy shoes etc, dress for the unpredictable North-East weather!

We want you to feel as involved and welcome as possible; we understand it is your journey too. Feel free to take photos and videos as well as joining in with anything else you may feel like, songs, movement, writing or sharing stories (of course it is absolutely fine to just watch and do none of the above!).

There will be members of sonADA that will be with us at all times. They’ll have cameras, so you’ll be able to spot them easily. Let them know if you need any help, or if you’ve noticed something you think we should know about!

To all watching online, remember you can replay things from Periscope later if you have missed them, feel free to share around too!

See you soon,

From The Torry 24 team 🙂

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